i'd be a punk if my mom would let me

i'd be a punk if my mom would let me

some things on this blog may be triggering, i don't promote self-harm or eating disorders and if you need help i encourage you to talk to someone you trust



Iris Van Herpen’s Skeleton dress plays on vanitas in another way. Vanitas merges with vanity. The dress flaunts mortality with striking immodesty. Showing off the inevitability of death, the woman in the skeleton dress lives more fully.

On Tour with 5 Seconds of Summer - Teen Vogue

Meet the 5 Seconds of Summer Boys - Teen Vogue Headliners


probably one of my favorite quotes


liam had the strength of ten girls pouring ten buckets on him and harry checked out after one drop


zayn hasn’t even done the ice bucket challenge and his was still better than harry’s


Icelanders are proud of their language and yet also speak English with disarming style, choosing words carefully—for example, a photographer tells me that he prefers 35mm film cameras over digital because “film has more charisma.” Or, a woman says to me of her life, she is “always busy with the moment”—not busy because of her job and kids and spin class but “with the moment,” as if each moment is her partner.